Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kill Team Tryouts

Okay so the local store is going to Start a Warhammer 40K league as well as the Warhammer Fantasy Warbands league we have been doing recently.  For the first month it will be 200 points and use the new Kill Team rules/scenario from the back of the new Battle Missions book.

Reading those rules, I did not think a Tyranid Kill Team would really be viable, so I go thinking about some other options. I decided to try out a Witch Hunters list. Last Friday, 3/5, I got a chance to try out the Kill Team rules against a few folks at the store.

Here is a quick run down of my Witch Hunters Kill Team:
Inquistor (elite) with  6 henchmen
 - Gun Servitor w/heavy bolter (relentless)
 - Crusader (feel no pain)
 - Crusader (countercharge)
 - Acolyte w/Brazier of Hoy Fire
 - Chiurgeon
 - Penitent Psyker
Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
- 3 with Hellguns
- 1 with Grenade Launcher
- 1 with Flamer
12 models total

Game 1:  Witch Hunters vs Ian with Tau
Ian's Kill team included 1 Crisis Suit and 6 Fire Warriors and 4 Vespids. 11 models total.

We each needed to kill 6 models to break the other guy. This one was short and brutal. Ian crushed me in about 4 turns. Since the Kill Team rules state you will need a lot of  terrain, we set the board up with what we thought would be enough, it would have been very heavy for a normal 40k game. It was not enough though, we both lost 4 models (1/3 of our teams) on turn 1.

Game 2: Witch Hunters vs Ian with Tau (again)
We played the same rosters again with about 20% more terrain added to the table. The same result in the end, Ian won hands down. The Crisis suit was a terror, its weapons inflicted AP and Instant Kill on every model in my list.

Game 3: Witch Hunters vs Ian with Kroot
For game 3 we felt we had the terrain mix right but wanted to tweak our lists a bit.

I dropped the Chiurgeon and Penitient Psyker from my list since they had been pretty useless so far. I added two more Acolytes in their place and armed all three Acolytes with a bolt pistol and close combat weapon.I was also able to add an additional Storm Trooper to kick my model count to 13. Ian would now have to kill 7 models to break my Kill Team.

Ian changed to an entirely new list of Kroot. It 1 Krootox, about 5 or 6 Kroot hounds and a whole mess of Kroot with a Shaper. 20 Models Total. I would need to kill 10 models to break this list.

I was able to win this one in about 5 or 6 turns. I think the changes I made helped but mostly the Kroot list just was not as good as Ian's Tau list.

Game 4: Tyranids vs Kroot vs Necrons vs Orks
Okay so for the last game of the night we tried a 4 player free-for-all game. We decided to put an objective in the center of the table. If anyone could take the objective and hold it for one round until their next turn, they would win.

Tyranids (me)
2 Lictors, 5 Genestealers. The Lictors are always in resever and I decide to hold the genestealer to outflank. There were going to be too many guns on the table at the start of the game for a list with virtually no shooting.

Kroot (Ian)
The same list from the last game.

Necrons (Chris)
10 Necron Warriors

Orks (Lars)
4 Lootas with 1 Mekboy
20 Ork boys with one Big Shoota

Deep Striking with the Lictors and outflanking with the Genestealers worked well in a four player game where the other players had multiple targets to worry about, but I don't think this list would have done well in a two player game.  Ian's Kroot broke first and then the next turn the orks were at the the objective. I had to charge the orks holding the objective with both lictors to keep lars from wining the next turn. It work, but on his next turn Lars shot down both Lictors and reclaimed the objective and went on to win.

Stuff I learned:

  • You need a ton of terrain for kill team
  • Kill Team is best left at 2 Players
  • I will definitely not be playing Tyranids in Kill Team
  • The Witch Hunters list still needs some work
  • I should look at Space Marine or Imperial Guard options for Kill Team
  • I hate Crisis Suits even more in Kill Team
  • Kroot are squishy when you get at chance to shoot them
  • Ian should play more Kroot, less Crisis Suits
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