Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tyranids: 3000 Points in 3 Weeks!

Okay so my current hobby project is a Tyranids army for Warhammer 40K. I have had Tyranids for a while (Okay since the 4th edition codex came out) but only had a few models put together. So a couple of weeks ago after the new 'Nids codex came out I bought a box of the new plastic Gargoyles and seeking an excuse to try the new (to me at least) Army Painter colored spray primer, I painted a few of them up. They looked good and it was a very quick paint scheme, so I got the crazy idea to do my entire army - in 3 weeks! Little did I realize that I had nearly 3000 points worth of Tyranids at home.

Anyway I am now two weeks into this project and I have made some good progress with the exception of three warriors who will be converted to shrikes (winged warriors), I now have everything assembled and sprayed with Necrotic Flesh and I am working my way through the horde.
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